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Storm Water Management Program:

Illegal Dumping and Illicit Connection Hotline:
Phone: 337-365-8246

What is Stormwater?
Stormwater is the water that originated from rain. Stormwater that does not soak into the ground becomes surface runoff. Surface runoff flows into surface waterways or storm drains which eventually discharge into surface waters.

Iberia Parish and its partners are implementing a comprehensive Storm Water Management Program aimed at reducing the levels of pollutants carried by rainfall runoff into our waterways.

Runoff from rainfall accumulates pollutants such as lawn chemicals, oils & greases from pavement surfaces, sediment from construction sites, and organics from home wastewater treatment systems.

The program will include efforts such as public & classroom education, detection of illicit connections to the storm water system, and expanding and enhancing ordinances addressing runoff from construction activities.

These activities will be coordinated with efforts by the City of New Iberia and the Village of Loreauville, our partners in this pollution prevention program.

Each one of us can help reduce storm water pollution through adopting good management practices during our day-to-day activities:

  • Vehicle Washing – Bring your vehicle to a commercial car wash, which discharges wash water into either a community wastewater treatment system or processes it in its’ own treatment system. This will eliminate soaps, oils and other contaminates from being carried by the rain directly from your yard into the drainage system.
  • Vehicle Maintenance – If you perform your own vehicle maintenance, be sure to recycle or properly dispose of used motor oils. They can be returned to the auto supply store or brought in on hazardous waste collection days. Have oil or fluid leaks repaired promptly.
  • On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems – If you are in an area not served by a community treatment system, your mechanical aerobic treatment system must be maintained in proper working order to insure against wastes entering the storm drainage system. Proper maintenance includes periodic inspection by a licensed installer / maintenance provider to insure functioning and, when necessary, pump-out by a licensed septage hauler. Even if you have an older septic system, periodic pump-out is also required to remove accumulated solids.
  • Lawn Care – Herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers can, if used improperly, be washed away by rainfall and pollute waterways. Always follow instructions on the label, including avoiding use if rainfall is expected. Consider also composting grass clippings and other yard waste. Clean up after your pets to prevent pet wastes from also entering the drainage system.

Stormwater Survey: Please click here to take our Stormwater Survey

Iberia Parish Stormwater Pollution Prevention Ordinance

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