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Iberia Parish President M. Larry Richard –Lettrs to Sen. Cassiidy, Sen. Kennedy, & Rep. Higgins -  4/21/2020

For more information contact: Prescott Marshall

On behalf of Iberia Parish Government, the undersigned submits this transmittal to urge you to staunchly endorse federal legislation that will provide direct financial aid to local governmental units for revenue deficits associated with the COVID-19 crisis. This entreaty draws no distinction based upon the population of the local governing entity. While I address only parish governing authorities in this correspondence, many issues espoused herein apply with equal force to municipalities.

To fully comprehend the plight of parish governing authorities under the current financial climate, it is prudent, as a seminal matter, to recognize the vast array of financial responsibilities imposed upon Louisiana parishes by law. Thus, I present the following for your edification, noting that locally generated revenue is the primary , and often sole, source of funding for parishes .

It is an understandable misconception that Parishes only address infrastructure needs such as roads, bridges, and drainage structures. Those obligations are indeed the most visible work a Parish undertakes; however, as will be hereinafter demonstrated, it is by no means the only areas of a Parish's responsibilities.

Louisiana law imposes on parish governments the obligation to provide secure facilities for district attorneys, judges, clerks of court, tax assessors, registrar of voters, and sheriffs. These mandates embrace both the physical offices/buildings of those officials and the supplement of the operating budgets of their separately established constitutional offices.

Letter to Senator Cassidy:

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