Iberia Parish News:

Courthouse Building
300 Iberia Street, Suite 400
New Iberia, LA 70560-4543

Phone: 337-365-8246

From Parish President M. Larry Richard - A message from LAWCO -  2/16/2021

For more information contact: Prescott Marshall

A Message From LAWCO

Due to excessive water usage, and leaks, caused by the extremely low temperatures we have experienced, we are requesting all of our customers to not take baths or use excessive amounts of water, for the near future.

High demand for water could cause the system to have to shut down to recover.

If you have a broken pipe, please turn off your water or call the customer service line at 337-365-0002 to have us turn it off.

As a precaution we are issuing a boil water advisory.

If the water pressure serving you drops below 20 psi, we encourage you to boil your water prior to consumption.

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