Iberia Parish News:

Courthouse Building
300 Iberia Street, Suite 400
New Iberia, LA 70560-4543

Phone: 337-365-8246

Iberia Parish President M. Larry Richard latest alert from NWS  -  11/12/2019

For more information contact: Prescott Marshall

From the National Weather Service: We are expecting a hard freeze (temperatures in the mid 20s) tonight for areas along and north of the I-10 corridor.

This is basically our entire forecast area except the coastal parishes.

Temperatures will be at or below freezing for 8 to 12 hours in southeast Texas, southwest and south central Louisiana, and 10 to 14 hours in east Texas and central Louisiana.

During cold spells like this, remember to protect your outdoor pets, plants, and pipes. In addition, the risk for house fires increases during cold weather because of improper usage of space heaters. Do not place them within 3 feet of your bed, furniture, or anything that could catch on fire. Do not leave them on when you are not home. Extension cords are not recommended, but if you have to use one, be sure it is at least a 14 gauge. The smaller extension cords can melt and cause a fire.

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