Iberia Parish News:

Courthouse Building
300 Iberia Street, Suite 400
New Iberia, LA 70560-4543

Phone: 337-365-8246


For more information contact: Prescott Marshall

We have chosen to make this joint public announcement in an effort to highlight the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in our area and across the state. We seek, and need, your cooperation in stopping the spread of this virus. As parish presidents, we have participated in numerous telephone conference calls with state and local health care officials. Without exception, every one of those officials have, without hesitation, described the COVID-19 virus as a MEDICAL CRISIS. The statistical data clearly supports those conclusions.

As of April1, 2020, reports from the Louisiana Department of Health reflect that there have been

6,424 positive COVID-19 test results in Louisiana. Of that number, 273 of our fellow Louisiana citizens have died as a direct result of COVID-19. In our two parishes alone, 90 positive results have been reported, resulting in 4 deaths. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the 4 families who lost their loved ones. These numbers will continue to steadily increase in the days ahead despite the stay-at-home orders and other preventive measures imposed by Governor Edwards. Why? Because too many of us are ignoring those directives and/or are resisting efforts to enforce them.

We will eventually prevail in stopping the spread of COVID-19. How quickly we can do so and return to business as usual in our communities is dependent upon each and every of us. We URGE and REQUEST the residents of Iberia and St. Martin parishes obey the directives of Executive Order No.

2020-33 and STAY HOME unless performing one ofthe essential functions described in Section 3 of the Order. We are also calling upon all of the leaders in our region to stand together in the application and enforcement of the Governor's Executive Orders so that only the most essential functions are being conducted. Each of us knows what is meant by the term "essential." It means absolutely necessary or of extreme importance. Before your leave home, ask yourself if what you are about to do is absolutely necessary. If not, STAY HOME! If there is any doubt about what workers are considered to be essential, guidance on that issue can be found on the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency website.

In a recent conference call with Parish and Municipal leaders in Acadiana, a unified commitment was secured to send the message which we set forth here. It is acutely understood by all that the citizens of region have the tools to combat the spread of COVID-19. All of the leaders of our area implore our community to avail themselves of those tools. Simply put-Stay at Home if leaving is for a nonessential endeavor.

Our citizens are resilient and know how to assist each other in times of crisis. By practicing the following suggestions, we can protect our neighbors, friends and loved ones by more quickly and effectively stopping the spread of COVID-19.


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