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Iberia Parish President M. Larry Richard A Letter to Governor Edwards -  4/21/2020

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Dear Governor Edwards: It is my understanding that the State of Louisiana has received approximately $1.8 billion dollars as a result of the recently enacted CARES Act. The CARES Act appears somewhat unclear as to how those funds can be utilized and many of us have received differing information as to how your office intends to structure and implement the distribution of those funds to local governmental units.

On behalf of Iberia Parish Government, I ask that you strongly and thoughtfully consider the dire financial circumstances now facing parish governing authorities as a result of declines in revenue associated with the COVID-19 crisis.

To fully understand the plight of parish governments as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, one must begin with an examination of the vast array of financial responsibilities imposed upon our parishes by law. It is also important to note that locally generated revenue is the primary, and often sole, source of funding for parishes.

The average citizen believes that the only responsibilities of parish governments are infrastructure needs such as roads, bridges and drainage structures. These are certainly the most visible works undertaken by them. However, these are only a small portion of the many statutory duties and responsibilities of parish governments.

Parish governments must provide secure facilities for their district attorneys, judges, clerks of court, tax assessors, registrar of voters and sheriffs. This obligation includes both the maintenance and upkeep of the offices/buildings housing those officials and supplementing their operating budgets when necessary.

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