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From Parish President M. Larry Richard - Aerial mosquito spraying Mon Oct 5, Tues Oct 7, Wed Oct 8 -  10/5/2020
Mosquito Control

For more information contact: Herff Jones

Iberia Parish Mosquito Abatement District will conduct aerial operations to address persistent mosquito populations Monday (10/5), Tuesday (10/6) and Wednesday (10/7) evenings.

The District is asking citizens If you must be outdoors --- wear repellent, cover exposed skin and avoid outdoor activity when mosquitoes are most active. Remember, repellents with 30% DEET or less are labeled for use on children 2 years or older when applied according to instructions and by a parent. Weather conditions are expected to be favorable. Operations will begin near sunset and last approximately one and one-half hours (1.5).

During this period, only hypersensitive individuals or persons that wish to avoid all exposure to chemicals in the designated spray area should refrain from outdoor activities; otherwise all other citizens can proceed with normal outdoor activities!

Citizens will notice low flying aircraft --- If the aircraft is overhead DO NOT attempt to follow the path of the aircraft. The aircraft is traveling quickly and will be out of the area in a brief period!

Monday (10/5) operations will focus in Laurent / Grand Marais, Rynella, Migues, Lydia, Weeks Island Rd., College Rd., Collins Rd., Cora Ln. and all points in between.

Tuesday (10/6) Delcambre & Rip Van Winkle, operations will focus in Delcambre, specifically, south of Lake Peigneur, R. Esponge, Bob Acres, Longside Rd., Andras, BJ Estelle Dr., Avery Island Rd., Segura Rd. and all points in between.

Wednesday (10/7) Acadian Acres & the City of New Iberia, operations will encompass Acadian Acres, Squirrel Run, the City of New Iberia, Morbihan, Mullens Rd., Willow Bend and all points in between.

For questions or mosquito related problems, contact our office at (337) 365-4933. Visit www.iberiaparishgovernment.com and click on “Mosquito Control” --- like us on Facebook for the latest. For more information about West Nile Virus, other mosquito – borne diseases and pesticides for mosquito control please visit www.cdc.gov.

For information regarding pesticides (Naled) used for aerial spraying visit www.epa.gov or


Any questions after office hours please contact Herff Jones (337) 380-7140

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