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From Parish President M. Larry Richard - Update on Waterworks District No. 3 - Coteau -  1/5/2023

For more information contact: Cyndi Provost at 337-365-8246

I am pleased to report that progress is underway at Waterworks District No. 3.

We have a company contracted to oversee the maintenance and operation of the water plant and field infrastructure under the supervision of the newly appointed interim Director Brad Cradeur.

Already, we have significantly increased the chlorination output of gallons per minute.

This has helped the water storage tanks maintain capacity during the day, when consumption is higher, and increase capacity at night.

Independent engineers are scheduled to visit the plant next week to evaluate current equipment and processes to maximize our facility’s production.

They will also help us to produce a long-term plan to allow for redundancy within our plant and future growth in the parish.

In addition, there are contractors and technicians systematically inspecting all controls and monitoring devices for accurate operation.

Devices found to be unsatisfactory will be replaced with equipment that provides remote 24-hour monitoring, which is critical in emergency situations.

It may seem these fixes were simple, but they were not.

We may suffer setbacks from time to time, but we are doing our best to remedy the issues as they arise.

This is just the beginning of a long journey, we are making positive steps toward a long-term solution.

Please know that everyone involved is working as fast as possible while being thorough, safe, and accurate.

I thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

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