Council Clerk Brenda Bergeron
  District 1  “Tommy” Pollard, Sr.
  District 2  Michael R. Landry
  District 3  Thomas J. Landry
  District 4  Lloyd Brown
  District 5  Warren P. Gachassin, Jr.
  District 6  Natalie Broussard
  District 7  Paul Landry
  District 8  Ricky J. Gonsoulin
  District 9  Joel J. Dugas
  District 10  Eugene A. Olivier, Sr.
  District 11  Brian P. Napier
  District 12  Berwick Francis, Jr.
  District 13  Marty Trahan
  District 14  Chad Maturin

Iberia Parish operates under a Home Rule Charter, which became effective on January 9, 1984. The charter allows for separate legislative and executive branches: legislative matters are handled by an elected 14 member Council while the elected Parish President serves as administrator.

The Council is made up of 14 members, each elected from a district identified in numerical sequence as provided for by the charter. (Previously, Iberia Parish operated under the Police Jury System, where jurors were elected from wards and operated as both legislators and administrators by handling the day to day operations of the parish.)

Currently, the Council meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month with the Joint Committees (Executive, Finance, Public Health and Safety, and Public Works) meeting immediately following the conclusion of the Council meeting. All meetings are held in the Parish Council Chambers located on the 4th floor of the courthouse and begin at 6:00 p.m. (Holidays may change the dates of certain meetings, so please check the schedule to see exactly when the Council will meet.)

Council meetings are currently being videoed and are available for viewing on cable channels serviced by Cox Communications and Sudden Link, at the Main Branch of the Iberia Parish Library System through their Reference Desk, or on our website here.

The public is invited to attend all meetings and encouraged to participate during the Public Hearing portion of the meeting. Persons wishing to address the Committees/Council for non-agenda items are required to complete a Speaker Participation Form and return it to the Clerk no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Thursday preceding the meeting. This form is available on our website. Persons wishing to address the Committee/Council for agenda items are required to complete a Speaker Participation Form prior to the Council meeting.

If you would like to place a topic on the agenda of a Committee/Council meeting, please contact the Clerk of the Council for further information.



Courthouse Building
300 Iberia Street, Suite 410
New Iberia, LA 70560-4543

Phone: 337-365-8246
Fax: 337-369-7424

Email: Council Clerk

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Parish Council
Dist. 1 “Tommy” Pollard, Sr. Dist. 2 Michael R. Landry
Dist. 3 Thomas J. Landry Dist. 4 Lloyd Brown
Dist. 5 Warren P. Gachassin, Jr. Dist. 6 Natalie Broussard
Dist. 7 Paul Landry Dist. 8 Ricky J. Gonsoulin
Dist. 9 Joel J. Dugas Dist. 10 Eugene A. Olivier, Sr.
Dist. 11 Brian P. Napier Dist. 12 Berwick Francis, Jr.
Dist. 13 Marty Trahan Dist. 14 Chad Maturin
Acadiana Regional Airport
Animal Control
County Agent/LSU AG
Fire District No.1
Health Unit
Homeland Security/E-911
Housing - Section 8
Mosquito Control
Parks & Recreation
Permit Department
Planning and Zoning
Public Works Department
Registrar of Voters
Sewerage District No. 1
Waterworks District 3

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