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Mosquito Control:

Herff M. P. Jones

Iberia Parish Mosquito Control
611 Old Central Taxiway
New Iberia, LA 70560

Phone: 337-365-4933
Fax: 337-364-8063

Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


The mission of the Iberia Parish Mosquito Abatement District is to control mosquitoes that may transmit disease and reduce the abundance of annoying nuisance mosquito populations.

As a public health agency of Iberia Parish Government, IPMC’s Integrated Mosquito Management Program (IMMP) includes:

Mosquito and Larval Population Surveillance

Disease Surveillance (Mosquitoes, Birds, Humans and Horses)

Larviciding (Chemical and Biological)

Adulticiding (Ground and Air)

Pesticide Resistance Management

Individual Service Requests

Public Education

A key component to the mosquito control program is surveillance. The department regularly monitors up to 30 sites throughout the parish to determine the density and diversity of various mosquito populations in Iberia Parish. Mosquito specimens are sorted by species and sent to the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine Medical Disease Diagnostic Laboratory on a weekly basis for virus testing. This surveillance data guides our mosquito control operations.

The services we provide are directed by our accumulated surveillance data as well as request from citizens for spraying and inspection. Mosquito control operations are divided into two main categories: Adulticiding - targeting adult mosquitoes and larviciding - targeting juvenile mosquitoes. The main delivery system for this pesticide-based control method is Ground ULV (Ultra Low Volume) truck spraying, ATV-mounted ULV units, handheld units and Aerial ULV spraying.

The larviciding phase of our mosquito control operations utilizes hand held, truck mounted, and ATV-mounted spray rigs to apply carefully selected low-impact larvicides where larvae are present.

The parish is divided into 20 operational zones for spraying purposes. All areas within a zone that are navigable by roadways are sprayed on a regular basis. Weather conditions play a large part in determining when spraying will occur. There are conditions when we cannot spray - rain, high winds or low temperature. If any or all of these factors occur, scheduled spray operations may be cancelled. To determine which zone your residence or business is located in, click here. To see the current spraying schedule for Iberia Parish, click here.

Public education is important to the department; we love to talk about mosquitoes, so feel free to invite us to speak at schools, civic organizations, neighborhood associations or church groups. Our message is simple: avoid mosquito breeding near the home and protect yourself from mosquito bites. Also, apply repellent containing DEET, wear long sleeves and pants if you must be outdoors and avoid outdoor activity when mosquitoes are most active at DAWN & DUSK! Everyone can do their part to reduce the presence of mosquitoes in Iberia Parish.


Request Mosquito Spraying or inspection (click here), email or call 365-4933 Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Leave name, address and phone number for regular spraying, outdoor parties, special events at home, business, school or church.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the chemicals you use safe?
Yes, the chemicals we use are safe and environmentally friendly. The chemicals we use by ground and air are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF).

Is the spray safe to breathe?
When applied properly, the ultra low concentrations will not adversely affect humans, pets or plants. Our chemicals are safe and environmentally friendly, but they are pesticides - do not stand, play or run behind the spray trucks. Persons with severe allergies should avoid the spray. The spray trucks are like a big can of bug spray, so when you see us coming please go inside for just a few minutes!

Are the chemicals safe for ornamental fish?
Some of the chemicals we use are hazardous to some species of fish - koi and goldfish. Please contact our office for more information.

How often is the Parish sprayed?
Normally, all areas of the parish are sprayed on a weekly basis. There are conditions when we cannot spray - rain, high winds or low temperature - any one of these may cause scheduled spray operations to be cancelled.

Why is one area of the Parish sprayed more often?
When, where and how we spray is determined by our mosquito surveillance. Some areas may have an abundance of mosquitoes or disease activity detected in our sample testing, requiring additional mosquito control operations.

Can I have my residence sprayed for mosquitoes?
Yes, for any mosquito related problems please contact our office - we can spray for mosquitoes, and check and treat any breeding sites on your property. We can also spray for special outdoor activities at your home or facility - just call ahead for proper planning. This is a free service to all citizens in the Iberia Parish.

How can I protect myself from mosquito bites?
Avoid outdoor activity when mosquitoes are most active - early morning and early evening. Wear light, loose fitting clothing with long sleeves and pants, and apply repellent containing DEET! The EPA and CDC recommend products containing DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide), Picaridin (KBR 3023) or oil of lemon eucalyptus (p-methane, 3, 8-diol) as active ingredients. Always follow product labels for use. If you have questions please feel free to contact our office.

Why should I worry about mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes account for more than a million deaths per year around the globe!

Do mosquitoes transmit disease?
Yes, Encephalitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, dog heart worms and others. Louisiana is home to several mosquito species that transmit deadly viruses to humans and domestic animals.

The spray trucks seem to be traveling too fast!
Our spray trucks are calibrated to deliver the optimal dosage of pesticide at 15 MPH (miles per hour).

I saw the spray truck with the lights on but no spray coming out!
Drivers will position themselves, with the spray pump off, in neighborhoods to deliver the spray considering wind and drift as well as avoiding designated “no spray zones” for hypersensitive citizens or beehives.

I have never seen a spray truck on my road --- does this mean I am not getting sprayed?
Most of our control operations occur at night when mosquitoes are most active or in the early morning (2 hours prior to sunrise,) so our ULV trucks may pass when you are indoors or asleep and do not notice. But this doesn’t mean you are not being sprayed. Our ULV spray generators are designed to be quiet, but if you have a specific problem please contact our office and we will come directly to your home. This is a free service to the citizens of Iberia Parish.

I don’t see a cloud of fog coming out the back of the trucks!
Unlike older equipment, our modern ULV generators disperse an extremely small aerosol droplet designed to impact on mosquitoes, and it is often difficult to see at night.

How do I know where and when the airplane will spray my part of the Parish?
Weather conditions for aerial applications must be extremely precise, so it is often difficult to plan far in advance when operations will actually occur. Our office will issue a press release to all available TV, radio, newspaper, hospital, municipal government and emergency response agencies at the earliest possible time, usually a day before, designating where and when operations will be conducted. Please feel free to check our departmental home page or contact our office for more information.

What are the chemicals used for aerial spraying?
We use Naled, an organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroids both registered and approved for use by the EPA.

I have a large canal near my property. Is this why I have mosquito problems?
Most mosquito problems around the home occur due to containers and standing water near or under the home. Large canals usually have sufficient flow and predator populations of fish, therefore; are not sources of abundant mosquito breeding.


EPA Recommendations for Naled and Mosquito Control

Request Mosquito Spraying for your Property

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