“From our unique capabilities, vibrant culture, and close knit community, to our rich history, southern hospitality, and beautiful scenery, it’s no secret why Iberia Parish is a favorite amongst tourists, businesses, and families.”

– M. Larry Richard, Parish President

Larry Richard Parish President
Acadiana Regional Airport

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As the hub of information and resources for our community, this website is designed to keep you informed and connected. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about our parish, from important news and events to local services and programs. Whether you’re a resident, a visitor, or a business owner, you’ll find the information and resources you need to thrive in Iberia Parish. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and learning about all that our area has to offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to serve you.

Home to over 70,000 people, Iberia Parish, Louisiana is centrally located in the southern portion of the state, between the cities of Houston and New Orleans. Known for its rich culture, delicious food, history, economic growth potential, and southern charm, Iberia Parish serves as a gateway to the world by providing easy access by land, air, and water. Featuring some of the most advanced intermodal transportation and telecommunications facilities available today, the parish is made up of four communities including New Iberia, Jeanerette, Loreauville, and Delcambre, while major commercial waterways include the Gulf of Mexico, the Port of Iberia and the Bayou Teche.


– M. Larry Richard, Parish President

Our mission as your Parish Government is to provide the citizens of Iberia Parish transparent and experienced leadership, ensuring that every encounter with our office reflects our dedication to the interest and well-being of our beloved parish and its citizens. With an annual budget of approximately 80 million dollars per year, Iberia Parish Government officials work together to prioritize projects that give the best chance to implement real changes throughout the parish.

Success Stories

Growing Together

Since ushering in a new administration in 2016, Iberia Parish has experienced marked growth and is primed to provide ongoing advancements to our residents and businesses for years to come.

First Solar

First Solar, the largest solar panel manufacturing company in the Western Hemisphere, has commenced the construction of its ninth manufacturing plant in the United States, marking a historic milestone as the largest private capital investment in Acadiana’s history. This $1.1 billion, 2.3 million sq. ft. facility, located at the Acadiana Regional Airport, will be dedicated to the production of high-performance photovoltaic solar modules, all crafted using components exclusively sourced from within the United States. The project is anticipated to generate approximately 700 direct employment opportunities, contributing to an annual payroll of around $40 million, further solidifying First Solar’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions and economic growth within the region.

Bio Innovation Accel

BioInnovation Accelerator

In 2022, State Legislators approved $22.4 million for the design and construction of a BioInnovation Process and Manufacturing Accelerator for UL Lafayette at Progress Point Business Park. Preliminary economic impacts include the creation of nearly 550 new jobs with $10.6 million in annual tax revenue for the Parish. The total economic output is estimated to be $144.3 million. Together with the NIRC, these two projects will be the beginning of a biopharmaceutical manufacturing hub in Iberia Parish.

Bio Safety Level 3

New Iberia Research Center Bio-Safety Lab Level-3

In 2022, State Legislators approved $24.6 million in capital outlay funding to upgrade the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s (UL Lafayette) New Iberia Research Center (NIRC) Bio-Safety Lab to a Level-3 facility, enabling more advanced on-site research. One of the largest primate labs in the United States, NIRC’s Bio-Safety Level-2 Lab was instrumental in the early development and testing of Pfizer BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine. Had the facility been a Level-3, the vaccine would have been available much sooner.

Groundbreaking Delta BioFuel

Delta BioFuel

Construction has begun on a $100 million renewable fuel plant in Patoutville, that will convert sugar cane bagasse into fuel pellets. The bagasse will be harvested from sugar mills in Iberia, St. Mary and St. Martin parishes and used by European power plants that are transitioning away from fossil fuels. The plant will create 126 jobs, with an average salary of $62,500. Estimated start-up will be mid-year 2024.

Louisiana lured the project with an incentive package that includes a $1 million performance-based grant for infrastructure improvements. Delta Biofuel has been approved for the state’s Industrial Tax Exemption program and has applied for the Quality Jobs program.

Highway 3212 Roundabout Construction

Roadway Development

Roadway upgrades were made with the construction of a roundabout at LA 3212 and Innovation Boulevard through approximately $6 million in Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) and Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) funding, improving access to Acadiana Regional Airport from the east. Other improvements include the straightening of LA Hwy 88 from US Hwy 90 (the future Interstate 49 corridor) through Coteau, improving access to Acadiana Regional Airport from the west. Additionally, there are plans for a roundabout connection at LA 675 and US Hwy 90 (the future Interstate 49 corridor). These roadway upgrades drastically improve the connectivity of US Hwy 90 (the future Interstate 49 corridor), Acadiana Regional Airport, the Port of Iberia, and Progress Point, further enhancing our unique juxtaposition for business transport.

Finance department


Year Cash On Hand Days of Sustainable Operation Growth
2016 $460,014 29
2017 $783,319 58 102%
2018 $997,269 78 173%
2019 $1,157,198 90 215%
2020 $1,635,714 129 349%
2021 $2,521,595 200 570%
2022 $3,432,976 256 783%

As an example of the efforts of the current administration, the above table represents the General Fund’s cash to sustain Parish Government operations. Based on the average daily expenditures in 2016, this amount would have supported the operations for 29 days. Through the administration’s efforts to operate more efficiently, in just one year, a growth of 100% in days of cash available was achieved. This growth continued to gain momentum over the next four years with a current balance equal to 192 days of parish operating expenses.

Sheriff's Office

Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office – New Office Building

In early 2022, Iberia Parish Government purchased a 24,000 square foot office building located at 4701 West Admiral Doyle Drive. The building was purchased to house the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office, enabling them to consolidate most of their departments into one central location. This move drastically improved the efficiency of their operation, which resulted in a greater ability to meet the needs of the citizens of the Parish.

911 New Building

911 and Emergency Operations Center – New Facility Construction

A 10,700 square foot facility was constructed in 2020 to house both the Iberia Parish 911 Call Center and the Iberia Parish Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Due to the critical nature of these departments, the building was designed to withstand 175 mph winds and is supported by both primary and backup generators. Additionally, the 911 Call Center and EOC received upgrades to its Information Technology (IT) systems.

Public Works – New Location

The Iberia Parish Public Works Department relocated to a more centralized location, substantially reducing fuel costs for the department. This relocation allowed Public Works to significantly reduce their flood insurance premiums by moving to a low-risk flood zone.


Mosquito Control – New Aircraft

Beginning in 2006, Iberia Parish Mosquito Abatement District has provided public health protection against mosquito-borne diseases and surveillance guided abatement of nuisance mosquitoes. The Parish mosquito control program has been recognized by national public health organizations for its commitment to advanced competency and expanded capabilities. This recognition has led to Federal funding opportunities to support and expand control operations. In 2021, the Iberia Parish Mosquito District completed a cooperative endeavor agreement with Vermilion Parish Mosquito Control to utilize grant funds to acquire, outfit, own, and operate an aircraft. This provided aerial control capabilities which enhanced public health protections for the citizens of both Iberia and Vermilion Parishes.

Airport Terminal


Acadiana Regional Airport has made improvements to its taxi lanes, taxiways, hangers, and terminal with over $2,000,000 in combined funding assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD). In addition to further improvements, multiple companies have planned expansions which will bring additional buildings and employees.


Courthouse Renovations & Improvements

Major renovations were made to the second floor, the first of its kind since the building’s dedication on Armistice Day, November 11, 1941. All public spaces on the second floor, including the lobby areas for both the District Attorney’s Office, the Judges’ Suites, and Courtroom A have been updated to restore its original grandeur.

Other courthouse improvements include a new roof for the building, which was completed in 2021, and pressure washing of the exterior, completed in January 2023. The former Homeland Security Office, located in the basement of the building, has been remodeled and reconfigured to create a new Conference/Media/Press room for the use of Iberia Parish Government.

Cable Installation


In 2022, Iberia Parish Government began its process of establishing the infrastructure necessary to provide affordable and accessible high-speed internet to every household and business in Iberia Parish, working to eliminate the gap between those who have access to digital technology and those who do not. This project is made possible by funding assistance from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) through the Granting Unserved Municipalities Broadband Opportunities (GUMBO) program.

Iberia PINS (Parish Information Notification System)

Iberia PINS is a parish-wide emergency notification system. Through text, voice, and email messages, alerts and updates are sent to residents.

If you haven’t yet signed up for Iberia PINS, it is quick and easy. The system sends alerts about emergencies and other important community news directly to your phone or email.

Positioned for Future Growth

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