Brad Cradeur Sewerage District Director

Brad Cradeur
Waterworks District Director

Waterworks District #3

The mission of Waterworks District #3 is to maintain the health and safety of Iberia Parish residents through efficient treatment, production and distribution of potable water, according to guidelines provided by the Department of Health and Hospitals.

The water system is capable of producing 1.5 MGD with 712,000 gals available in on site ground storage tanks. We provide quality water to 150 miles of water mains, servicing 2700 commercial and residential customers. Waterworks District #3 has 3 production wells producing 2.5 MGD along with emergency generating equipment to provide uninterrupted service.

Waterworks District #3 has a full time staff consisting of Executive Director, Office Manager, Clerk and 2 Plant Operators.

Residential customers pay a flat fee of $14.30 per month (0-2000 gallons) and $4.24 per thousand gallons over 2000 gallons, while commercial customers pay a flat rate of $23.00 per month (0-2000) and $4.24 per thousand gallons over 2000 gallons.

Our office is located at 4104 Coteau Road (HWY 88), New Iberia La. 70560, the office is open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • All customers are required to install customer service valves to operate in case of emergency.
  • All commercial customers are required to comply with all Department of Health and Hospital regulations on Backflow Prevention.

A five member volunteer board meet the third Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in the board meeting room located at the plant. These Board of Directors are responsible for approving the budget and overseeing all operations that govern the district.