Herff Jones Director of Mosquito Control

Herff Jones
Director of Mosquito Control

The Mosquito Abatement District

The mission of the Iberia Parish Mosquito Abatement District is to control mosquitoes that may transmit disease and reduce the abundance of annoying nuisance mosquito populations.

As a public health agency of Iberia Parish Government, IPMC’s Integrated Mosquito Management Program (IMMP) includes:

  • Mosquito and Larval Population Surveillance
  • Disease Surveillance of Mosquitoes, Birds, Humans and Horses

  • Larviciding with Chemical and Biological

  • Adulticiding (Ground and Aerial)

  • Pesticide Resistance Management

  • Individual Service Requests
  • Public Education

A key component to the mosquito control program is surveillance. The department regularly monitors up to 30 sites throughout the parish to determine the density and diversity of various mosquito populations in Iberia Parish. Mosquito specimens are sorted by species and sent to the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory on a weekly basis for virus testing. This surveillance data coupled with other indicators guides our mosquito control operations.

The services we provide are directed by our accumulated surveillance data as well as request from citizens for spraying and inspection. Mosquito control operations are divided into two main categories: Adulticiding – targeting adult mosquitoes and larviciding – targeting juvenile mosquitoes. The main delivery system for this pesticide-based control method is Ground ULV (Ultra Low Volume) truck spraying, ATV-mounted ULV units, handheld units and Aerial ULV spraying.

The larviciding phase of our mosquito control operations utilizes hand held, truck mounted, and ATV-mounted spray rigs to apply carefully selected low-impact larvicides where larvae are present.

The parish is divided into 23 operational zones for spraying purposes. All areas within a zone that are navigable by roadways are sprayed on a regular basis. Weather conditions play a large part in determining when spraying will occur. There are conditions when we cannot spray — rain, high wind or low temperature. If any or all these factors occur, scheduled spray operations may be cancelled. Citizens can identify our intended ground operations by clicking IPG GIS Maps. Aerial spray operations will be identified by a publicly disseminated press release.

Our message is simple: avoid mosquito breeding near the home — Tip & Toss and protect yourself from mosquito bites. Those 2 years and older apply repellent containing DEET as the label directs, wear light-colored long sleeves and pants, cover exposed skin of infants if you must be outdoors and avoid outdoor activity when mosquitoes are most active at DUSK & DAWN! Everyone can do their part to reduce the presence of mosquitoes in Iberia Parish.

Important Resources

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