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Iberia Parish News

Fall Youth Co-Ed Flag Football

July 10, 2024|

We're excited to announce that registration is NOW OPEN for Youth Co-Ed Flag Football! This fall, kids from Pre-K to 8th grade can be part of an awesome team at our Weeks[...]

Parish President
M. Larry Richard

“From our unique capabilities, vibrant culture, and close knit community, to our rich history, southern hospitality, and beautiful scenery, it’s no secret why Iberia Parish is a favorite amongst tourists, businesses, and families.”

M. Larry Richard brings his business and governmental experience to Iberia Parish Government as well as his knowledge of business administration, finance, budgeting, procurement, contracts, investment recovery, communications, safety requirements, and construction.

Iberia Parish Council

The Parish Council, being the legislative body, bears the responsibility of formulating parish policies through the adoption of ordinances and resolutions. Additionally, it is the sole authority for approving the Parish’s budget. The Council enacts parish laws by passing ordinances. It is also vested with the power to conduct performance audits, monitor the operational efficiency of parish agencies, and convene oversight hearings on parish departments. These evaluations are conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of programs and whether budget allocations are appropriately utilized. The Parish Council regularly conducts public meetings, actively engaging the public in its decision-making roles.

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