Dexter Migues Director of Public Works
Dexter Migues
Director of Public Works

The Public Works Department

The Iberia Parish Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining roadways, roadsides, drainage and collecting debris on more than 400 miles of roads and 800 miles of canals and ditches throughout the Parish.

The department, which has an operating budget in excess of $3 million, is divided into five main divisions: Administration, Roads and Bridges, Drainage, Solid Waste and Nuisance Control.

  • Administration provides customer service and internal logistics for the department’s 35 workers.

  • Roads & Bridges maintains more than 400 miles of roadways, including road surfacing, signage and bridges.
  • Drainage maintains 815 miles of canals and drainage ditches, as well as more than 400 roadside ditches. Residents are reminded to keep from placing structures on easements.
  • The Solid Waste Division operates a Class III Landfill and provides rural residential trash service. Residents are reminded to have debris placed at the roadside no more than 2 days before but by the start of the District route.
  • Nuisance Control provides citizens with a resource to initiate complaints regarding tall grass, dilapidated structures and more.

Tires without rims are accepted at the Parish Barn from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Only 5 tires per day will be accepted.

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