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Section 8 Housing2024-02-27T11:55:06-06:00
Bronel Hebert Housing Assistance Director
Bronel Hebert
Housing Assistance Director

The Housing Assistance Payments Program

The Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Program provides rental assistance to low-income families living in rural areas of Iberia Parish. The program currently funds 229 families through the Section 8 rental assistance program.

Currently, the waiting list for the program is closed and no new applicants are being accepted.

Important Resources

Are you curious about the program’s income limits qualifications or the current Fair Market values in Iberia Parish? Review the following resources to find detailed information on the housing program.

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Housing Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the wait on the waiting list?2023-08-16T16:57:08-05:00

It all depends on Funding and Voucher availability. Typically, in the past, the wait for housing placement has been anywhere from one (1) to two (2) years.

How will I know when the application process opens again?2023-08-16T16:56:18-05:00

Notices will be placed in The Daily Iberian classified ad section providing residents specific information on when the application process will re-open.

When will the office begin taking applications again?2023-08-16T16:56:12-05:00

Several families remain on the current waiting list. When additional funding becomes available, they will be placed into the program according to their position on the list. We will not open up the application process again until all families on the waiting list have been placed.