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Iberia Parish President M. Larry Richard announces a voluntary boil advisory  -  10/30/2017

For more information contact: Ronald Daigle

As a result of maintenance and repair work which had to be conducted over the weekend by Iberia Parish Water Works District No. 3, water pressure within the district dropped below recommended standards. As a result of this drop-in water pressure, the District issued a precautionary, voluntarily boil advisory to its customers. Water boil advisories are routinely issued out of an abundance of caution whenever the water pressure within a system drops below 15 psi.

Affected customers of Iberia Parish Water Works District No.3 should

strongly consider boiling their water for at least one full minute before

consuming it, making ice, brushing teeth, or using it to rinse or prepare food.

Water should be boiled for one minute in a clean container. The one minute

boil time begins after the water had been brought to a rolling boil.

It is anticipated that this precautionary, voluntarily boil advisory will be

short term. However, it will remain in effect until further notice.

We do apologize for any inconvenience which might be experienced by

the customers of Iberia Parish Water Works District No.3.

CAll 337-367-6111 for more Information

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